WM RFID Centre

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The West Midlands Centre for RFID

West Midlands Regional Centre for RFID LogoThe West Midlands Centre for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) strategy is based on the need for informed and impartial support services and activities geared towards business needs within the West Midlands.

The services we offer include:

  • Incisive awareness briefings on AIDC with particular regards to RFID, directed at introducing Businesses to the benefits that RFID have to offer;
  • Seminars, events and training directed at providing practical assistance in effectively applying RFID and other AIDC technologies - seeĀ nTAILS events;
  • Business assist (provided free of cost through the nTAILS project to eligible companies) directed at providing direct assistance to companies who have a need to apply the technology or see an opportunity to exploit the technology in supply chain management, process tracking, new products or technology integration initiatives;
  • New Business and Business development activities directed at exploiting innovation and business development opportunities in which RFID and associated technologies may be seen to have a significant role to play;
  • RFID support services directed at providing assistance with respect to issues concerning RFID such as privacy, security, exposure to electromagnetic fields, standards and regulations.

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University of  Wolverhampton - MI BuildingThe Centre is hosted within the University of Wolverhampton IT Futures Centre to showcase the capabilities of RFID and associated technologies. The initial funding for this centre was provided by Advantage West Midlands and ERDF via West Midlands Mobile and Wireless project.

The Centre offers a set of demonstrators, using technologies such as (but not limited to):

UHF (Ultra High Frequency) Technology:

HF (High Frequency) Technology:

These technologies are used in a realistic environment, to demonstrate food traceability, item and pallet level tracking, electronic payments systems, warehouse management, delegate tracking, access control, smart posters etc.

Farm2Fork Website

The Farm2Fork website is officially open. See http://www.rfid-f2f.eu